@Chindonan Dive Resort

A resort paradise in Coron Bay, Palawan, Philippines



Unruffled waters and breathtaking landscapes, we are

Your perfect escape

Located forty-five minutes by boat from Coron Town, the island of Chindonan is a secluded paradise unique for its pristine turquoise waters and tropical forest landscape. With two seaside bars and a restaurant stretching out at about fifty meters into the waters of Coron Bay, you can be sure to enjoy your every meal with a dazzling view. Retreat and wakeup to the sound of waves crashing to the shore at our cozy cottages perched on the hillside, and made even more serene with fresh air and scenic mountain views.

A little less worrying and more time to spend

In nature

Leave all your worries behind and unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life. Out here in Chindonan, your only job is to experience nature. In the mood for some water adventure? Grab a paddle, dive or go out on a kayak. Feel like sitting by the beach? Have a fruit shake and enjoy the sun. Whatever you feel like, Chindonan is all about letting you let go and have a good time.

Built by Danes & Filipinos with a passion for

Excellent service

Constructed in 2008 by a couple of Danes and some locals from the nearby fishermen's village, Chindonan is a place only as warm and welcoming as its people. You can be assured that our friendly and courteous staff will always greet you and accommodate your requests with a smile. Out here, you are not just our guests but part of our family, and we only strive to give you the truly unique and memorable holiday that you deserve.

Pure, premium and organic

Water straight from the tap

Unpack those bottled waters! Here in Chindonan, we only use and drink pure mountain spring water straight from the tap! On our mountains rests a resplendent natural spring where pure and organic water rises to give us clean water we can use to drink, cook, clean, and even shower with! No pumps, no chemicals, just water with its naturally occurring minerals that is not only good for the body, but also has a uniquely refreshing taste.

A closer encounter with the

Tropical wildlife

Birds singing and frolicking at your doorstep, kingfishers diving into sea to catch small fish- all of these and more make for a regular day in Chindonan. With our cottages carefully built on a lush hillside, it's so easy to spot many types of lizards, butterflies and other tropical animals that live just around. Truly a meet-and-greet unlike anything else for the patient and curious wildlife enthusiasts!