@Chindonan Dive Resort

Never a boring day at chindonan

Snorkeling - Island Hopping - Paddle Boards - Kayaks - Kneeboarding

Water fun

We indulge you to get into the water in various ways!


We have kayaks available, which is a perfect way to get around to other small islands near Chindonan Dive Resort. Bring some snorkelgear and explore reefs on your own!

Paddle boards

Our guests favourite way to be on top of water. The paddle boards comes into perfect use around here, as a fun and freely way to explore the area.


Get behind our speedboat and get dragged on top of the water with our kneeboard. This is a great way to speed things up if your relaxation level has been reached!

Island hopping

Supreme beaches and the famous Coron Island is all available with our Island Hopping offers. All trips are half day, to full day trips.

Coron Island Tour

Get to the famous spots of Coron Island with this 1 day trip. Our captain and boatman will make sure you're taken well care of during the tour.
Departure time: 9 am 

Back at Chindonan: 5 pm
PHP 6500,- per Boat (not including entrance fees)
Max. 6 Persons per Boat

Banana & Malcapuya Island

Beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water for a day of total relaxing. These Islands is untouched, and will take you back in time - to nothing else than nature and the beaches itself. Take a snorkel trip, or just sit back and enjoy life on the sandy beach.
Departure time: 9 am 

Back at Chindonan: 5 pm
PHP 6000,- per Boat (not including entrance fees)
Max. 6 Persons per Boat

Calumbuyan & Pass Island

A day of relaxing in a hammock on a beautiful beach, snorkeling on the beautiful reef at Calumbuyan island. Continue to Pass island and spend the afternoon on a white sand beach with only palm trees in the background.
Duration: 4 hours
PHP 3000,- per Boat (not including entrance fees)
Max. 6 Persons per Boat

Snorkeltrip to Coral Garden

Only 20min. away from Chindonan Dive Resort is the location of the Coral Garden (Lusong Coral Reef). This reef have immense coral life and even a shallow shipwreck next to it.
Duration: 2 hours

PHP 600,- per person


Searching for a place where you can drop into the water right off shore and see reefs and fish right next to you? Chindonan has prestine reefs surrounding the island with amazing colors!

Chindonan House Reef & Seahorses

Go search for Seahorses right off shore, or get to the edge of Chindonan House Reef and be amazed by the corals and reef fish that meets you there.

Quaming Reef

A small island 10mins away in a Kayak or on a paddle board gives you kilometers of reef to explore. This little island is deserted, but formerly owned by a Swiss guy that protected the reef for years.