@Chindonan Dive Resort



Savory flavors made with love

Homemade bread, salad & french fries - freshly caught fish, rock lobsters, crabs and seaweed - seasonal hand picked pineapples, mangoes, lemongrass and cashewnuts, and progress are made to further the "fresh" experience when dining at Chindonan Dive Resort.
If you have any special requests please don't hesitate to ask.

Pooltable, drinks & darts

Our pool-table and dart area is a place where our guests gathers to have a good time during the evening. We offer various drinks and our team is most nights mingling in this area as we like to make guests feel part of the family.

All in between ocean and land

Would you like to dine next to turquoise water, fish swimming next to you and with a stunning mountain view?
Surrounded by water and with sea and mountain views Chindonan Restaurant has the prime location of the resort - placed 75 meters into the sea of Coron Bay. Relax and enjoy nature while enjoying a refreshment together with a great meal.