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Get Coron Bays unique dive experience of



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Discover & dive Coron Bay's

WWII Wrecks & coral reefs

The famous WWII wrecks are just minutes away from the Chindonan Dive Resort. Here we dive at 8 of them, and if wrecks is not your preferences, there's 8 reefs within the same distance. Chindonan Dive Resort makes diving in Coron Bay convenient with all dive sites within 30 min. We have a schedule with 5 dives a day. You can choose to join as many times as you want as we come back to the resort after almost all dives.
Chindonan is the easiest and most flexible way of diving the beauty of Coron Bay - you don't have to stay on a boat all day.

Get certified! Or

Take diving to the next level

Beginner, advanced, professional or looking for a great speciality within diving? Chindonan sets you up for your new dive-experience. Remember, you can read your theory online, before arrival - focus on getting underwater at Chindonan Dive Resort.

Several times a week we do

Night Dives at House Reef

Why do night diving? Simple - diving at night brings out a whole new world. Underwater life that is rarely seen at daytime is a regular experience during night. Our house reef is a perfect night dive spot and gives a unique dive-experience. Not certified for night diving? We got just the course for you.



Our in-house Dive Center is well equipped for divers within recreational diving. Chindonan Dive Center has all needed equipment for divers to get underwater without bringing anything your self. We'll set you up with everything, if needed.

Equipment and dives are with upmost

Quality & safety

While we focus on making diving fun & adventures, having the right safety procedures and equipment is still a top priority at Chindonan Dive Resort. Being safe while diving, is made fun here.
We recommend certified divers that have not been diving for more than a year, to take a Tune Up course to get everything refreshed.

Safety Tank for diving - Chindonan Dive Resort

Dive rates

at Chindonan Dive Resort

  • Fun Dive

    Including guide, boat & basic equipment
  • Night dive at house reef

    Including guide & basic equipment
  • Fun dive at house reef

    Including guide & basic equipment
  • Dive at Barracuda Lake

    Including guide, boat & basic equipment, not entrance fee (200PHP)

Basic equipment includes:
Tank - Regulator - BCD - Fins - Mask - Snorkel - Boots - Weights

Rates Extra equipment

at Chindonan Dive Resort

  • Flashlight

    Pr. day
  • Compass

    Pr. day
  • Dive computer

    Pr. day
  • Go Pro

    Pr. day