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Info and most frequently asked questions


An Eco-Friendly Resort

Prioritizing Sustainability

We continuously take steps towards  becoming an eco-friendly resort, especially when it comes to electricity and water. We are constantly working to improve our footstep on the surrounding environment. Please note the following:

  • Water is drinkable from all taps here at Chindonan Dive Resort, as we get the water from our own natural mountain spring. We use the natural pressure made from the heights of the source (100m. above sea level) to create our pressure in showers and taps. We expose our pipes to the sunlight to create hotter water in showers, though our water never reaches a temperature under 20 degrees celcius. This means hotter showers are available when the pipes have been exposed to sunlight during the day.

  • Electricity is mainly provided by a generator (220v) as the resort is in a remote location. We shut down the generators from 7am-12noon and again from 2pm-4:30pm. We have 24hr. power at our restaurant via our solar system, and are currently working on expanding solar to our cottages as well.



  • Do you have an in-house dive center?
    Yes, we have a crew of dive instructors and dive masters that are ready to take care of your dive requests upon your arrival.

  • How many dives do you do a day?
    As we are closely located to most of Coron Bays dive sites, we do up to 5 dives a day, and we return to the resort after almost all dives. This is divided into 2 morning dives, 2 afternoon dives and a night dive at our house reef.

  • Can I dive inside the wrecks as an Open Water Diver?
    This is not recommended, as wreck diving requires training to make a diver more comfortable in the water, together with training that prepare the diver for hazardous situations that can be created while diving inside of a wreck. Advanced Open Water or Wrecks Speciality is recommended for doing so.

  • Can I go to Apo Reef from Chindonan Dive Resort?
    Apo reef is more than 8-10 hours away, thus we do not go there.

  • What valve types do you use on your dive tanks?
    We use Yoke


Transfer from/to Coron or Busanga Airport

  • How long time does it take from Busuanga Airport(USU) to Chindonan?
    It takes approximately 90min, all depending on weather conditions.

  • How do I arrange pick-up?
    Please inform us of you arrival info, for us to arrange pick up in either Busunaga Airport or in Coron Town.

  • Is there any waiting time when in transfer?
    There can be short waiting times when doing the transfer, but we do prioritize getting you to your destination as fast and efficient as possible. We do not guarantee private transfer, as we want to keep transfers efficient in terms of use of fossil fuels (boats going to/from the island).

  • We need to go to another island after staying with you - can you transfer?
    We do offer transfer to closely located islands around Chindonan, but this service will have a surcharge as we will have to deviate from our normal routes.

  • How far are the resort from towns?
    We are located 30-45min away from Coron Town and are located on an island called Chindonan Island.

  • Can we transfer at night?
    Sailing between 4pm to 7am might not be allowed by the coast guard in Coron. Please book you flight accordingly. Any transfer from 4pm-7am is subject to a 2500PHP surcharge.


Amenities & Activities

  • Do we need to book activities before arrival?
    This is not needed. We encourage our guests to plan activities with our staff upon arrival.

  • Do you have WIFI?
    Yes, in our restaurant area, not in the rooms. We do not offer WIFI in the rooms to encourage an "unplugged" vacation as we are on an island far away from cities and society. The concept of this resort is to enjoy nature under and above water as a getaway.

  • Where can we snorkel when staying at Chindonan?
    Just off the resort, there’s a nice house reef and only 10min away in a Kayak, you can snorkel around Quaming Island where there’s 2-3km of reef surrounding the island.

  • Do you offer massage?
    Yes, in our sun-beds situated at our platforms along the shoreline


Restaurant and food

  • Can we order food between breakfast and dinner?
    Yes, our main area/ restaurant is open from 7:30am - 10pm, where you can order international and local dishes throughout the opening hours.

  • Any vegetarian dishes served?
    Our menu always takes into consideration that we might accommodate vegetarians for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • What food is included?
    Set breakfast and dinner buffet

  • What is the price for lunch?
    We have a lunch menu with a wide set of options. The price range is from 200-750PHP pr. dish, with fresh fish being in the higher end of the price scale.